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What are unemployment benefits compatible with?

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The contributory benefit or unemployment subsidy is compatible with:

  • Part-time work (this implies subtracting from the amount of the benefit the proportional part of the time worked).
  • Partial retirement pensions and Social Security pensions or economic benefits that would have been compatible with the work that gave rise to the benefit.
  • Pensions recognized and paid by a State other than Spain.
  • The employment contracts that you sign within the framework of the replacement program for workers in training.
  • The legal compensation that may be applicable for the termination of the employment contract.
  • The paid exercise of public or union positions that involve part-time dedication.
  • Social Security benefits for dependent sons or daughters.
  • The benefit and subsidy may be made compatible with the receipt of non-contributory economic benefits from Social Security, such as the minimum vital income and with any type of minimum income, social salaries or similar social assistance aid granted by any Public Administration.
  • If you are over 52 years old and receive unemployment benefits, you can combine it with a full-time indefinite or temporary contract, as long as the duration is longer than 3 months.

If you receive an unemployment benefit, keep in mind that, in all the previous cases, except in the last point, you will be able to make said subsidy compatible if you continue to lack income of any type greater than 75% of the minimum interprofessional wage (SMI) and you continue to justify family responsibilities if, in your case, they were taken into account to access the subsidy.

  • Furthermore, if you receive the contributory benefit, you can make it compatible with self-employment, provided that you have completely and definitively ceased your work activity and you register as a self-employed person, or you join as a partner in a labor company. new creation of a newly created associated worker cooperative framed in the corresponding Special Social Security Regime. Likewise, contributory level unemployment benefits are compatible with registering as a self-employed worker in one of the Social Security regimes or choosing to join an alternative social security mutual society. You can do it for a maximum of 270 days or, if you have less benefit time left to receive, for said period. You must request compatibility within the non-extendable period of 15 days from the date you start the activity on your own.
  • Likewise, the benefits and subsidies are compatible with scholarships and aid obtained for attending occupational training actions or for carrying out internships in public or private entities that are part of the study plan and are produced within the framework of collaboration between said entities. and the educational center in question. The compatibility of unemployment benefits with training or non-work practices is also expressly established.