Currently there are a number of important issues and common collective affecting young persons, requiring the launch of measures designed under a holistic view and comprehensive combinable specific but, through an agreement of state, without assuming an increase in spending, might achieve improved occupational integration as the best way of global solution.

Since the ministry of work, migrations and Social security has been committed undertake in an orderly manner and precise actions and measures necessary to contribute to the development of a new model productive with long-term strategies that promote strategic support measures for innovation applied to specific areas.

With the Plan of Clash for employment Young pursued:

  • Find improving competitiveness and added value of the Spanish productive structure with the aim of achieving levels of economic growth to generate an offer of substantial employment, stable or flexible, based on the development of future industries and with high added value.
  • Strengthen the commitment to the integral training and qualification of young people, to drive its individual promotion, collective and professional, which is based on the educational system and in the working environment as key elements for their social integration, providing professional skills for young people with low qualifications, seized of young people of the countryside and enhanced and strengthening the role of public employment services as a gateway to the labour market and active life.
  • Develop initiatives back to school, support for education in strategic competencies, dual vocational training, employment with rights, the launching of youth, to building union participation of young people and business associations.

The objectives of this employment Plan for young people are:

  1. Establish a labour framework quality in employment and dignity at work.
  2. Make players young people of its process of employment and qualifications.
  3. Increase the qualification and employment empowering young people with more professional skills.
  4. Build a new economic model based on the productivity and added value.
  5. Equip the Public employment services the means and resources to provide adequate care and individualized.
  6. Develop a specific training in equal opportunities between women and men to eliminate gender bias, combat horizontal segregation and gender pay gap.
  7. Combating the effect despondency for young people who do not seek employment because they believe that they are not going to find.
  8. Will pay particular attention to especially vulnerable collectives (migrants, long-term unemployed, dropout, persons with disabilities, etc.).

The Plan includes 50 measures, divided into six axes, designed under a holistic perspective and systemic, allowing its combination and adjustment to each profile and needs regarding insertion.

Through the axes defined, in line with the objectives set, the areas of priority action in the next three years: retrieve the quality of employment, combat the gender gap in employment and reduce youth unemployment.

The Plan of Clash for employment Young 2019 - 2021 it has developed in collaboration with the autonomous communities and has been consulted the unions and business more representative. Have also contributed local entities, different social partners and economic as well as responsible entities of youth, education and social services.