Certificates of professionalism

Certificates of professionalism are the instrument of official accreditation of professional qualifications National catalogue of professional qualifications in the field of labour administration. Are sorted in 26 families professionals and three levels of qualification.

Each certificate accredits the set of skills qualifying for the development of a work activity identifiable in the productive system, without this constituting regulation of professional practice.


In sense, each certificate corresponds to a professional profile structured in competition units. The certificate includes training associated with this profile, so that the competition units are associated with modules, which allows a module also practical training in Workplace.

The certificates are formalized and validity throughout the national territory and are issued by the SEPE and the competent bodies of the autonomous communities.

Are obtained through two ways:

  • Formal training: surpassing all modules for the certificate.
  • Recognition of the work experience or training non-formal: when it has obtained recognition and accreditation of all units of competition that compose the certificate.

Through training in alternation with employment, you can obtain certificates of professionalism through contracts for training and learning and participation in programmes workshop schools and employment Workshops.

The National Repertoire of certificates of professionalism is the set of certificates of professionalism sorted sectorally in 26 professional and families consisting of certificates of professionalism of level 1 , level 2 and level 3 .