Subdirector General:
D. Jaime Noguerales Wandelmer

C/.Condesa of Venadito,9-28027-Madrid.

Telephone:91 275 16 03 / 04

Fax: 91 585 98 86


With professional level General Office and direct dependence of General manager of the public employment service state, correspond to this unit follows


a) Make the preparation and monitoring of the administrative contracts and private contracts to hold the public employment service state, as well as the furniture and real estate inventory.

b) the exercise of functions on budgetary management, accounting and finance the public employment service State.

c) prepare and compile the draft budgets of income and expenses, filings budgetary modifications and track the execution of the budget.

d) Make the management and control of the accounting which is subject the execution of the budget approved, as well as the preparation of the annual account.

e) to manage the treasury, enabling payments of the exercise of institutional activity financed with the authorized budget, as well as supervising all accounts with which operates the body.

f) Make financial coordination and management of aid of funds of European origin, guaranteeing the presentation of the justifications of actions carried out for forms of communal intervention of title of public service jobs state, as well as monitoring of European cofinancing.

g) in connection with the Autonomous Communities corresponds to this office General the exercise of financial coordination of credits of subsidies managed, distributed annually by the Sectoral Conference employment and labour affairs, through the implementation of the objective criteria of distribution to budgetary allocations to this end enabled, as well as the processing of the regulatory económica-administrativa advance of funds.

h) the control and monitoring of financiero-presupuestario cooperation agreements to adhere to the agency.