Annual reports of labour market trends

This report reinforces the forward looking analysis which is assisted by experts and key informants provide relevant information on the behaviour of different economic indicators and the macroeconomic perspectives could affect the behaviour of the labour market, as well as forecasts in the short and medium term, in order to anticipate, in a context such as the current changes and innovations in the productive system, to the needs of occupations and sectors or activities that serve as a driving force for the economy.

The content of this publication focuses on the analysis of the following sections and divisions identified economic activities, such as best placed in the labour market and better prospects for employment creation, from the time series analysis of data.

The study is completed with other paragraphs which deals with information on the most relevant training needs identified in the labour market, the use of replenishment linked to the generational replacement, which is formed as the main source of employment generation, and a final section where are the results obtained from prospecting accomplished on the mismatch of supply of and demand for jobs which has given rise to the existence of vacant job vacancies.

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