Reports and studies on labour market trends

Tendencias del mercado de trabajo en España

The reports of labour market trends analysed sections and divisions of top-ranked economic activities in the labour market and identified with better prospects of employment. These reports reinforce forward looking analysis that we do, which involves experts that provide information on economic indicators and macroeconomic perspectives that condition the labour market and the forecasts for the short and medium-term sustainability of its behaviour.

Also contain information on: the training needs identified in the labour market; the use of replenishment linked to the generational replacement as a source of employment generation, and on the mismatch between supply and demand for jobs which has given rise to the existence of vacant jobs.

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Ocupaciones y Actividades Económicas con variación positiva en la contratación

We offer annual/monthly information (from 2013) about occupations with better behaviour from the standpoint of recruitment, as well as the sectors/emerging activities or expansion.

Reports and studies