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I collect unemployment benefit/subsidy, do I have to suspend them if I do work included in the Special Agrarian System of Social Security?

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You must report situations incompatible with the contributory benefit or with the unemployment subsidy: self-employed agricultural activities, activities as an employee, as well as the income derived from said activities, in the case of the subsidy.

However, there are certain particularities regarding agricultural jobs, since registrations for jobs in the Special Agrarian System (SEASS):

  • If they occur in fixed types of contracts, they will lead to a reduction in the benefit.
  • If they occur in types of temporary contracts, they will be regularized by your benefits office based on the information received from the General Treasury of Social Security, therefore, the month following the completion of said days you will see your benefit regularized based on the total number of days, adding the proportional part of breaks and vacations (a multiplier factor of 1.337 is applied to each day worked).

As a result of this regularization, undue charges are generated that will be compensated in the subsequent payroll, and if the benefit is exhausted, they will be claimed in the corresponding procedure.

If it is found that when you are paid for the month following the month in which the days are carried out as a casualty, the undue charges mentioned above do not appear, you must go to your benefits office, requesting an appointment or by phone, to report the agricultural work carried out.