How do you calculate the amount of unemployment if i had several contracts with percentages of different time in the past 6 months?

The amount of unemployment benefit is calculated according to the base figure; this is the average of the foundations of Past 180 working days prior to cessation. The unemployment benefit during the first 180 days will be the 70 % of the regulatory base, from the day 181 it will be the 60 per cent of these foundations.

The amounts arising from this calculation cannot be below the ceiling above the minimum or maximum number prescribed by law according to the indicator (IPREM) (for this year amounts), and as whether or not sons/daughters.

In recent 180 quoted days, has had several part-time contracts, with percentages of different working time, the maximum and minimum amounts of the allowance is determined taking into account the IPREM, and the average number of hours worked during this period, ponderándose that average in relation to the days quoted in each part-time or full-time work during this period.