Si trabaja en una empresa de un familiar por consanguinidad o afinidad hasta 2 º degree and is an entrepreneur or individual businesswoman, has no right to receive unemployment benefits if you live with him or her and there is no evidence of labour nature of the relationship.

This is all data will jointly evidencing the employment relationship: time of delivery of services and Social security, if there has been modification of the regime of affiliation, if it is part of another family, existence of effective work, remoteness or proximity of the degree of kinship, background connection to the perception termination benefits previous an employment relationship with the same entrepreneur or an entrepreneur, etc.

However, it would be entitled to benefits if not lives with his family, if the company is a company or labour and you do not have a social participation in the same.

Would not be entitled to unemployment if the participation in the social capital of its relative who lives with you, reaches, at least 50 % of the share capital, unless proven otherwise. IT would be entitled if such participation in social capital does not reach the 50 % or you do not live with relatives holders of this percentage.

If your father or mother is autonomous worker can employ you as worker employed if you are under 30 years, although side by side with him or her, in which case no unemployment cotizará nor have protection by unemployment. But if cease in this work, you can demonstrate legal situation of unemployment and if you have sufficient previous contributions and meets the rest of requirements, you can obtain unemployment benefit or unemployment benefit by quotation insufficient.

If it meets 30 years and continues to work with their parents and presented to the General Treasury of Social security the declaration of both (of the parent and endorsed) in the to record their status as a person salaried worker may thereafter contribute by unemployment.