If i work in family enterprises until 2 • Degree of kinship, may i take unemployment?

If you work in a company of a relative by consanguinity or affinity to 2 Seventh grade and is an entrepreneur or individual entrepreneur, is not entitled to unemployment benefits if it coexists with him or her and there is no evidence of the employment relationship.

For this purpose, it is worth all data together attesting to the employment relationship: time for the provision of services and Social insurance payments, whether there has been a change in the membership, if you are part of another family nucleus, existence of effective work, remoteness or proximity of the degree of kinship, background on the perception of termination benefits previous an employment relationship with the same employer or employee, etc.

However, it would be entitled to receive payments if you do not live with his family, if the company is a labour or and you don't have a social participation in the same.

It would be entitled to unemployment if participation in social capital of their families who cohabits with you, and, at least 50 per cent of social capital, unless proved otherwise. IT would be entitled if participation in social capital is less than 50 % or you do not live with relatives holders.

If the father or mother is working person can employ as autonomous worker employed if you are under 30 years, although side by side with them, in which case it may not cotizará by unemployment or will have to unemployment benefits. But if ceases in such work may accredit, became legally unemployed and if you have sufficient previous contributions and meets the other requirements, you can obtain unemployment benefit or unemployment allowance rate inadequate.

If it meets 30 years and continues to work with their parents and presented to the General treasury of Social security the declaration of the two (of the parent and yours) in which it put on record its status as a person employed workers, may thereafter quoted by unemployment.