Will I grant you take my economic situation or my family and do i contact?

If while receiving unemployment benefit changes its economic situation because it gets their higher education, as the monthly calculation, 75 % the minimum wage, excluding the proportionate share of two extraordinary pay (for this year amounts), for less than 12 months, the allowance was suspended and if there is no need to receive these rents may resume If past. 12 months continued to violate the requirement, the allowance is extinguished.

In any case, obliged to communicate in the office of the change in its economic situation and seek release, if any, in the unemployment benefits, the time of situations that result in suspension or termination of the provision or when you stop satisfy the requirements to perceive it.

If to access the subsidy has adopted that were not required to have family responsibilities, in the case it may vary in the income of the other members of the family unit, to continue receiving this allowance and will not be necessary to inform the variation in the office of benefits.

On the contrary, if to access the allowance is demanded family responsibilities, may continue if its percibiéndolo had individual income above 75 % the minimum wage in force, excluding the proportionate share of two extraordinary pay and also the income of the whole of the family unit, divided by the number of members, nor exceeds this limit.

Then both in one way or another, would cease to be family responsibilities in breach of one of the requirements to continue receiving the grant.