Do i have the right to unemployment or membership in the partner of a society, at the end of my contract or suspend the employment relationship?

It was necessary to distinguish whether society to which it belongs and which is constantly at work or capitalist trade.

  • If this is a labour society and you is involuntarily unemployment, could have the right to unemployment benefits, except:
    • If in society was carrying out functions or management and therefore received payments, to take or not simultaneously with common labour link or special.
    • If played such functions and simultaneously stemmed from the business by a management contract, with or without pay.
    • If such action individually possess the majority of society.

If you together with their spouse or relatives until 2 • Degree of consanguinity or affinity with the area, have shares of involving society as a whole the majority of social capital, except on the basis of which the effective control requires the involvement of non-family relations.

However, persons working with other members of societies, when the number of partners and partners does not exceed 25, even if part of the body of social administration, whether or not managerial competencies, will enjoy all the benefits of Social security of persons employed workers in terms of their activity, as well as protection for unemployment and Wage guarantee fund.

  • If this is a corporation and you capitalist unemployment also unintentionally, can receive unemployment benefits, except:
    • If you are part of the governing Body of society and the performance of this position would carry out functions of executive direction and management of society, to receive pay for it or individual workers. This is to be included or included in the General Social security system as a person assimilated to collective self-employed workers without the right to protection by unemployment.
    • If you have effective control of society to have at least the 50 per cent of social capital individually, or achieves that percentage in conjunction with other partners or partners with whom side by side and with those who have a marital relationship, or by consanguinity, affinity, or adoption, to the second degree.
    • If you have individually, at least one third of the social capital.
    • If you have individually, at least, the fourth part of the social capital, provided that it has attributed functions of executive direction and management of society.