If the move to the situation of voluntary redundancy in your company, requests unemployment benefit, will be denied because there is no legal situation of unemployment.

If still in voluntary redundancy, works in another company different and at the end of his contract for reasons beyond their control requested unemployment benefit, could be entitled to the same:

  • If the duration of the voluntary redundancy has not finished when there is the legal situation of unemployment. In this case, if the duration of the provision exceeds the leave, will charge the delivery until the end of this leave. At that time the delivery is suspended, since must apply for its return to the company and wait for your reply. If the company expresses the inability to accept his reinstatement for lack of suitable vacancies, or deny the same at that time but supports the recall at a future date, you can continue to receive unemployment benefit to the date of return to the company or until the delivery ends.

  • If the duration of the voluntary redundancy had already passed when applying for unemployment benefit or was not expected a minimum duration of leave granted. In this case, it is mandatory to apply for the entry into the company. While the company does not respond, it is not possible to solve the unemployment benefit application, not to have legal situation of unemployment. If the company responds that currently you cannot reinsert, would have already legally unemployed and could solve your request.