Can I apply for unemployment benefit if they have closed the company in which work?

In cases of closure of the company, but is not precise, and should claim against dismissal for this cause, as in establishing their legal status of unemployment would be necessary, if there is no redundancy notices, a report or the minutes of the inspection of labour and Social security where instruction is the involuntary termination in the provision of services and its effects or, where appropriate, through administrative act of conciliation in indicating that you have challenged the dismissal and the company has not been brought, provided that, in any event, they should be set up its Social security.

Can request provision:

  • Through Internet, where available, digital certificate or electronic identity card, username and password cl@ve.
  • Referring to the employment bureau its part, upon request from the quotation Electronicthe state employment service Estatal (SEPE) or telephone.

If you cannot contribute any documents necessary for the recognition of the provision, must notify the public employment service Estatal (SEPE) through "modelStatement of lack of documentation in the application of benefits", which will be in the employment office, specifying the cause of lack of documentation. If such cause was the refusal to facilitársela business, the public employment service will State its handling of request for documentation to the company.