May I take unemployment if i reduce working hours?

May have the right to unemployment benefit if we reduce working hours for some of the following:

  1. For business decision according to art. 47 the consolidated text of the law of the workers' statute. Reduced working hours must be temporary and be placed in a 10 and 70 per cent of the day daily, weekly, monthly or yearly, and whenever the wage is reduced in a similar way and is due to economic, technical, organizational or production occurs, or force majeure, in which case will require the authorization of the labour department.
  2. By judicial decision taken in a bankruptcy proceedings, without that are covered reductions in final days or spread across the entire period, the rest of the duration of the contract.

There will be whether the time is short or long remaining period to meet the employment contract.

Therefore, if your company and you agree to reduce working hours may not receive unemployment benefit, with the understanding that the reduction of the day is accepted by you as a modification of working conditions of contract.