I lost my job to be imprisoned. Can i apply for some kind of benefit?

To be serving a sentence of deprivation of liberty is the availability to work is required of the beneficiaries of allowances, so as long as remain in prison may not apply for any type of provision.

After the completion of the sentence, he was considered legally unemployed and may request:

  • A contributory benefit, whether in the previous six years to imprisonment warrants have contributed for at least 360 days in the General Social security system or any other public regime by unemployment, or has met its period of contribution for doing work within the prison and meets the other requirements of access.
  • A subsidy for persons who are released from prison, if she had no right to contributory benefit, which would be six months, renewable for two periods of equal duration up 18 months.

They also have the right to childcare supplement minors released from a detention centre where they have been admitted having committed acts classified as criminal offences, provided that, in addition to having been deprived of liberty for more than six months, been above the age of 16 at the time of release.

They shall also have the right persons who have completed a treatment for drug dependency of drug dependence, provided that it had lasted more than six months and had been sent his custodial sentence.

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