Your marital status affects unemployment benefits since influences rents and dependents that public service state employment (SEPE) takes into account.

If a person is legally separated or divorced, you are deemed family burdens the sons and daughters of the common marriage when live with you, provided they meet the requirements of age (under 26 years or older with disabilities) and lacking in annuities own.

If you do not live with you but has the obligation in judgment or covenant, maintenance, are also considered family if they meet the requirements mentioned.

The separation of fact, when you have not submitted application for annulment, separation or divorce or a judge has issued interim measures, not supposed marital dissolution and spouses are obliged to sustain the burdens of marriage.

The de facto separation does not change the composition of the family unit or the system of calculation of their incomes, so it will not be excluded to his wife nor its incomes of family unity. However, it may be excluded from your spouse of family unity, if you justify that you are admitted to act on the petition for annulment, separation or divorce, even if there is no judgment or writ taking interim measures.

In the case of marriage, if your spouse had sons or daughters of another relationship and live with marriage, will be part of the unity of coexistence and may be argued for you as a burden, provided that they are under 26 years or older with disabilities or are less at reception, and meet the requirement of lacking the higher incomes 75 % of the minimum wage.

However, if you have partners, the sons and daughters of your partner may not be invoked as cargo or may be taken into account their income to determine if you have family responsibilities.

As an exception, if you are a victim of domestic violence, to establish if you have a family, your spouse, regardless of their level of income, is not considered a member of your family unit or takes into account their incomes.