My marital status, does in unemployment benefits for the purposes of income and family responsibilities?

Their marital status affects unemployment benefits since it affected the income and family responsibilities that the public employment service Estatal (SEPE) takes into account.

If a person legally separated or divorced woman, he considered family burdens sons and daughters of the marriage where common side by side with you, if they meet the requirements of older persons (under 26 or older with disabilities) and their lack of their own.

If you do not live with but it has a duty, judgment or settlement, maintenance, are also regarded family if they meet the requirements mentioned above.

The de facto separation, when you had not submitted petition for annulment, separation or divorce or the judge has not issued interim measures does not mean marital dissolution and the spouses are obliged to sustain the burdens of marriage.

The de facto separation does not change the composition of the family unit or the method of calculation of its income, and therefore did not exclude their spouse or their incomes of the family unit. However, may opt out of a spouse of the family unit, if you justify that he had been dismissed the petition for annulment, separation or divorce, although there has been no court judgement or provisional measures.

In the case of marriage, if your spouse had children of other relationship and live with the marriage, shall form part of the unit of coexistence and you may be adduced as freight, provided they are under the age of 26 or older with disabilities or children in care and the prerequisite of lacking excess of income 75 per cent of the national minimum wage..

However, if you have a partner of sons and daughters of the partner shall not be invoked as a burden, nor shall they be taken into account their income to determine if you have family responsibilities.

As an exception, if you are a victim of domestic violence, to establish whether family size, has not considered members of the family unit to their aggressor, and taken into account their incomes.