To claim a subsidy, how i justify the income of a person of my family who is autonomous worker?

If any of the persons who constitute the family unit self-employed, yields obtained as a result of corporate activities, professional, agricultural, livestock, artistic or other, will be awarded for the difference between income and expenditure requirements to obtain such revenues.

It will take into account monthly net income achieved and not reduced net returns.

The justification of the income of a person autonomous worker tickets will be achieved through:

  • The declaration of deferred payment for the period expired statement immediately prior to the time of application of unemployment assistance model: 131 (objective estimate), if the net return is determined by the modality of modules, or model 130 if it were found under the direct assessment method.
  • In the absence of documentation, statement of income tax of natural persons (IRPF) submitted by the person autonomous worker, for the last fiscal year.

You can request the unemployment allowance:

  • Person: in the office of benefits that applicable according to his home, upon request quotation via the Internetor call “ telephone.
  • Through the website of the public employment service Estatal (SEPE), provided that the availability of digital certificate, electronic identity card or username and password Cl@ve.