I am in a situation of maternity/paternity

Below indicates what happens if, while you are receive contributory benefit or unemployment benefit, the situation becomes maternity or paternity.

As you can see, treatment varies depending on the provision perceived.

If your parental leave while is receiving an unemployment allowance of level of contributors, suspensionthis in order to begin the recovery of parental benefit, which is paid by the national Social security institute (INSS).

You can request the suspension through the electronic site public employment Service That state, or office, with benefits the request of cites in the electronic siteor by calling the mobile of appointment .

For the duration of any of these situations, are not days of unemployment benefit. When you are done, you will be able to resume the provision and receive the same amount for as long as it was before the suspension.

Next to the communication of low it must submit:

  • In the case of maternity, family record book or document confirming the adoption or placement in care, or report maternity leave, or any document proving this situation.
  • In the case of paternity, the family record book, or a document attesting to the adoption or placement.

You will receive a copy of the application of low submitted, in which the date and reason for the low.

With that document, please visit the office of the INSS to apply for maternity/paternity leave, since it is the INSS approved and paid maternity benefits and parental benefits from persons receive contributory unemployment benefit.

Once the period of maternity/paternity leave, and following reactivation of the demand for employment, 15 days to make application to its office for the resumption of performance of the unemployment allowance. Requesting outside this time period, will resume from the date of request and will involve the loss of so many days of delivery as between the date of completion of the maternity/paternity leave and the date of submission.

If while receiving unemployment benefit occurs maternity or paternity, will continue to receive the grant for the same amount and duration. Shall deliver in the employment bureau the medical report of the Social security to the Public employment service of their autonomous community suspend the demand for employment; therefore, it will not have to renew, or will be convened from training or offers.

If your remains in a state grant parental leave is not entitled to these situations allowance paid by INSS.

You can get more information, telephone help lines to citizenship .