Below indicates what happens if, while you are receive contributory benefit or unemployment benefit, the situation becomes maternity or paternity.

As you can see, treatment varies depending on the provision perceived.

If your parenthood happens while being perceived unemployment benefit of contributory level, must request the suspension this to be able to start charging maternity or paternity leave, which is paid by the National Institute of Social security (INSS).

You can request the suspension through the electronic site public employment Serbian state, or in your room of benefits, after quote request in the electronic site or by calling appointment phones .

During any of these situations, are not consumed days of unemployment benefit. when you finish, you can resume suspended and receive the same amount during the time it was before the suspension.

Next to the low communication due:

  • En el caso de maternidad, el Libro de Familia o documento que acredite la adopción o el acogimiento, o informe de maternidad, o cualquier documento que acredite esta situación.
  • En el caso de paternidad, el Libro de Familia, o documento que acredite la adopción o el acogimiento.

You will receive a copy of the application of low submitted, showing the date and mark the low.

With this document, you must go to the office of the corresponding INSS to request maternity/paternity, as it is the INSS who adopts and paid maternity and paternity of persons who are receive contributory unemployment benefit.

After the period of maternity/paternity, and upon revival of demand for employment, available 15 days to apply to your office of benefits the resumption of unemployment benefit. Requesting outside this term, will resume after the date of request and will result in the loss of so many days of delivery as mediate between the date on which has completed a maternity/paternity and the date of the application.

If while receiving unemployment benefit occurs maternity or paternity, will continue to draw benefits for the same amount and duration. Shall deliver in the employment office the medical report of Social security for the Public employment service of its Autonomous Community suspend the demand of employment; therefore, you will not need to renew it, nor will be convened training courses or job offers.

If when exhaust the remains in a state subsidy parenthood, will not be entitled to provision for these situations by INSS.

You can get more information in the care phones to citizenship .