I have been granted a scholarship

Unemployment benefit and unemployment benefit are incompatible with:

  • The realization in companies non working practices, not linked to a curriculum, that would be within the General regime of Social security as assimilated or assimilated to person employed worker.
  • In general, with the participation in programs of linked to training college or vocational training in those formative practices curricular curricular or not, which does not lead to an employment relationship, but represent the collection by the participants of a quantity economic and its introduction in the General regime of Social security as assimilated or assimilated to person employed worker.

Nevertheless, it is possible to reconcile formative practices with benefits under the following circumstances:

    • That practices in public or private entities they are included in the curriculum and within the framework for collaboration among those entities and the educational institution in question.
    • That does not require practices dedicated by the participants, since these continue by demonstrating that are available to actively seek employment, as well as to accept a gluing.
    • That the cost of compensation paid to the participants is limited to compensate for the costs of participation in such practices: working material, transport, accommodation or maintenance.

In cases where the formative practices do not involve any payment, the perception of benefits and unemployment benefits that always able to continue to meet all the requirements for this.

If the formative practices are compatible with the delivery or unemployment benefit, the student or the student will receive the Full benefit or subsidy, without reste nothing for the hours worked practices. If the contrary, the formative practices are incompatible with the benefit or subsidy, these are suspended at the start of the scholarship.

Although compatible such practices, the person concerned can also, if you wish, suspend the benefit or subsidy by unemployment. In this case, may request its resumption within 15 working days from the day to finalize practices.