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Information on the Brexit

The past 31 january 2020 the united kingdom formally withdrew from the european union (EU), turning to acquire the status of third state "" entered into force the Withdrawal of the united kingdom of the european Union which established a transitional period until 31 december 2020 , during which it has remained the implementation of the acquis communautaire to the united kingdom.

Next to the implementation of the said period, 24 december 2020 , was signed, the Future Relationship (ARF) or trade and cooperation agreement between the eu and the united Kingdom to be applied provisionally from 1 january 2021 and, following the ratification by the european parliament, entered into force with finality the 1 may 2021 .

In the chapter on unemployment benefits, the agreement 24 december 2020 includedThe coordination of Social securitythat applies to persons lawfully present in a member state or in the uk. It also establishes that apply to individuals, including stateless persons and refugees, they are or have been subject to the laws of one or several states, as well as the members of their families and their survivors.

In connection with european standards, the protocol provides as follows:

  • The uk nationals residing legally in spain can enforce all the contributions made in the european union member states, including the United Kingdom, provided that the last work has taken place in spain.
  • Nationals of states members of the european union, of the european economic area and switzerland can enforce the contributions made in the Social security system, provided that the last work has taken place in spain.
  • In relation to those workers who return of the united kingdom from 1 january 2021 , which are not in the previous situation in accordance with the Future Relationship, can access the Renta Activa de inserción (regulated by royal decree 1369 / 2006 as provided for in these rules. (See: Renta Activa de inserción for emigrants returned (RAI))

Work carried out in countries of the eu/eea Area/Switzerland

If you have completed a work in a country at community level, can make use of the periods for access to unemployment benefits in other countries of the European Union (EU), of the european economic area (EEA) and switzerland.

To access to protection by unemployment in Spain, will be taken into account, in addition to contributions made in Spain, based in other countries of the eu/eea and switzerland.

To demonstrate those periods, it should submit the form U1, facilitated by the competent institution of the state where it made the work that seeks to justify.

You can request it before returning to spain to the competent institution of the country in which they conducted their performances or submit an application through its office in the public employment service Estatal in spain.

This will reduce the duration of the provision to be adopted in Spain in so many days as has become such a provision in any other country in the Community level.

The persons who are not nationals of countries of the eu/eea or Switzerland can use the quoted in these (except in Denmark, switzerland, iceland, norway and Liechtenstein) to collect unemployment benefits, if they have the right to reside and work legally in the territory of the member state to which request such benefits.

Work performed in spain

You can make use of the periods of the spanish Social Security to unemployment benefits in another country of the eu/eea or Switzerland.

Must prove time priced in Spain with the form U1 , provided by the office of the public employment service. You can apply for you or ask to spain the competent institution of the country where requested by the payment of unemployment benefit.


In processing the request of the document U1 before the public employment service Estatal must contact with the Provincial directorate where it made its last work in Spain.

Work carried out in countries not belonging to the community but with which there is a convention to make use of the periods: Australia

In the case of countries that do not belong to the community level, but with which spain has signed a Social security agreement that allows for the aggregation of periods of insurance, occupation or quote for access to unemployment benefits (at present is reduced to Australia), it shall seek to the public employment service state institution established by the competent australian document AUS/E1 to justify the time that you have made contributions in that country.

For more information can only call the telephone numbers attention to citizenship

If you are seeing an provision and has been registered or register as a jobseeker in Spain during 4 weeks at a minimum, and went to seek employment to a country of the eu/eea or Switzerland, you can export the benefit during 3 months with the possibility of extending it by other 3 months.

For this you must:

  • Requesting authorization to move miento y el documento U 2 the office of benefits from public employment service.
  • Register as a jobseeker in another member state within seven days of the date of leave available to public employment services.

Payment of hazard pay continue to be undertaken using the same system that during your stay in Spain.

The persons who are not nationals of the eu/eea or Switzerland, are able to export the provision to seek employment in eu/eea (except in denmark, iceland, norway and Liechtenstein) or in Switzerland, if warranted, with the corresponding authorization of residence or work, who can register in its employment services and that will be legally employed.

The persons who are not nationals of the eu/eea or switzerland and who fulfil the conditions, you can export the unemployment benefits to the united kingdom, application of regulation EC 859 / 2003 allowing for a period of 3 months without extension.

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