I am working person at the service of the home

TheRoyal Decree-law 16 / 2022 , 6 september, para la mejora de las condiciones de trabajo y de Seguridad Social de las personas trabajadoras al servicio del hogar tiene como objetivo equiparar las condiciones de trabajo y de Seguridad Social de las personas trabajadoras del hogar familiar a las del resto de personas trabajadoras por cuenta ajena.

Bearing in mind that the majority of those domestic workers are women, the adoption of this rule is an effective and essential step towards the realization of gender equality in the world of work and in the realization of equal rights and protection of women before the law.

It is consistent with the principle of equal treatment and opportunities in access to employment, training and professional promotion, and working conditions.

Paid unemployment

TheRoyal Decree-law 16 / 2022 , 6 septemberdetermines that the unemployment benefit will be part of the protection of the special system of employed persons.

The unemployment rate will be compulsory for persons young domestic workers from 1 october 2022 .

The foundations of quotation for unemployment will be the for occupational accidents and occupational diseases

The exchange rate applicable between the 1 september and 31 december 2022 , will be 6 , 05 per cent; 5 percent will be implemented by the employer and the person 1 , 05 percent by the person employed.

From january 2023 the contribution shall be conducted in accordance with the general budget act.

Legal status of unemployment

You will be legally unemployed person workers a domestic worker to which he or she extinguished the contract of employment by written communication of the person an employer, which must include clear and unambiguous manner:

The will of the person of employer terminated the employment relationship

Why is extinguished the employment relationship.

The employment relationship may be terminated, beyond the cases projected para los demás colectivos de personas trabajadoras, por alguna de las siguientes causas, siempre que estén justificadas:

a) decrease in income of the family unit or increase their expenditures. Because illegality generally occurs.
(b) substantial modifications to the needs of the family unit to justify spare it from working person's home.
c) Pérdida de confianza de la persona empleadora, fundamentada de manera razonable y proporcionada, en el comportamiento de la persona trabajadora.


Simultaneously with the communication of extinction, the person an employer shall make available to the individual worker compensation which must be equivalent to salary for twelve days per year of service, with the limit of six months.


If the provision of services had lasted more than one year, the employer must grant person notice to a minimum of twenty days shall be communicated to the individual worker decision. In other instances the notice will be seven days.

During the period of notice, the person that performs services full time shall be entitled, without losing their pay, leave of six hours per week in order to find new employment.

The person an employer may replace the notice by compensation equal wages for the period of notice.