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Family responsibilities

For the purposes of unemployment allowance, family responsibilities means take charge of a spouse or a son or daughter by nature or adoption who is a minor 26 years or older persons with disabilities or children received, or if there are economically dependent of the applicant and have no monthly incomes above 75 % the minimum wage (SMI), excluding the proportionate share of two extraordinary pay, provided that the amount of income for all members of their family unit well organised, divided between the number of components of the same, not exceeding that amount. (Amounts for this year).

The children and dependent children may be taken into account by both spouses, whether applying for unemployment benefit, for the calculation of minimum and maximum amounts to perceive (ceilings), as if requested by a grant unemployment in which it is essential to have family responsibilities.

If she is married and live with the children where they are deprived of his or her spouse, may alegarlos as dependants, provided that the expenses necessary for their livelihood are undertaken, directly or indirectly, from income to meet its unity of coexistence.

For the purposes of the grant, the partner of the applicant or individual beneficiary is not considered an integral part of the family unit, and therefore, it may be claimed by Him or her as household burden.

If the applicant or person receiving the subsidy exists only their sons or daughters and/or children less than 26 or greater with disabilities, must prove the income or the lack of income of all, without sufficient proof that it is only one or some of them women.

In cases where the applicant or receiving the subsidy, living side by side with de facto union and with their common children, to see if it meets the requirements to have family responsibilities, nor will be computed the income of de facto union, nor be charged against the common children.