Unemployment legal situations rempli which ends or suspended the employment relationship that do not depend on the will of the individual worker.

Enable workers accessing unemployment benefits, provided they meet the requirements.

Listed below are the unemployment legal situations.

  • Dismissal.
  • Completion of the working relationship for death, retirement or inability of the entrepreneur or businessman.
  • Completion of the contract by circumstances of production, training contract or the contract for replacement of individual workers.
  • Completion of the employment relationship for reasons inherent to all workers in the construction sector.
  • Stop by not overcome the test period.
  • Completion of the period of productive activity.
  • Completion of the relationship temporary administrative staff member of employment and administrative staff.
  • Cessation as a partner or partner worker of a cooperative in test period, expulsion inappropriate, or temporarily or permanently cease in the activity of the cooperative by economic, technological, organizational, production or force majeure, completion of the corporate bond.
  • Termination or suspension of the working relationship as a victim of gender violence.
  • Decision of the worker to complete the employment relationship by one of the following cases:
    • Modification of working conditions (schedule, day...)
    • Non-payment or delay continued of wage payment.
    • Transfer of the workplace.

There are also other circumstances described as unemployment legal situations that does not derive from the termination or suspension of an employment contract, are:

  • The return from abroad a person emigrant Spanish worker.
  • The release of a prison or detention.
  • The declaration of fully capable or partial permanent disability, as a result of a file of review by improvement in a situation of failure in total and absolute or major disability.