The guidance counsellors and managers/as belonging to public administrations, as well as the Intermediate agencies of the European Social Fund, together with the direct beneficiaries of the calls made by the unit Power of the European Social Fund (UAFSE), belonging to care providers or managers of action plans and programs, are participants of the national system of Youth Guarantee.

In order to register and get as manager is necessary to ask the high in the applicatifs:

  • Intermediate Agencies of the European Social Fund, as well as the direct beneficiaries of unity Power of the European Social Fund (UAFSE), have a Personal Assistant assigned by the SEPE. This personal assistant will help you in its Security issues.
  • Those entities involved in any solicitation Operating within the program youth employment (POEJ), you must contact the convener.
  • The rest of entities must contact the unit responsible for Youth Guarantee that will consider each case. This can write to indicating your needs.

 Once registered as manager in Youth Guarantee, the system allows you to:

  • Check if the young person they want to hire or who they want to pay a certain care is registered in Youth Guarantee.
  • Request lists of registered by populations, profiles, etc.
  •  Request information campaigns of its programmes, courses, offers to registered.

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