European institutions and programmes

Centres that support the mobility of the European Union

  • Thenational Europass centreit is the first point of contact for any person or organization concerned to use or learn more about Europass, the european instrument for managing your learning and career.
  • Eurodeskincreases the awareness of the european opportunities for young people.
  • Euraxesssupports the mobility of researchers and the development of a career.
  • TheEuroguidance networkpromotes the development of competencies and the international mobility in the training.
  • TheNetwork of national information on the Academic Recognition (NARIC NETWORK)supports the recognition of qualifications obtained and periods of study made in other countries. Spain – ENIC – NARIC NETWORK: https :// www.enic-naric.net/page-Spain

Centres providing information on policies, programmes and funds that are specific to the european union

Centres that provide guidance, assistance and mediation of the european Union

  • TheNetwork of european consumer centres(Network CEC) explains the rights of consumers and can help to resolve disputes with vendors set out in another eu country.
  • The networkSOLVIThelps the citizens and businesses in the eu to assert their rights related to live, work or operate in another eu country.
  • TheNetwork of Financial settlement of disputes(FIN-NET) help to solve extrajudicially consumer complaints in the area of financial services.