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Aid to the EURES job mobility

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EURES Targeted Mobility Scheme is an action with financial support from the european Union.

EURES Targeted Mobility Scheme is to assist the citizenship of the eu need personalized assistance in finding a job, an apprenticeship or vocational training in another eu country, norway or iceland, and to help companies to find qualified and motivated staff.

EURES Targeted Mobility Scheme provides support for job seekers to overcome the challenges of working abroad. It can provide grants for specific purposes and to finance the language courses, the recognition of qualifications and the costs of travel and subsistence.

What is "EURES Targeted Mobility Scheme"?

  • Provides targeted support of the national employment services to persons seeking employment, training or practices in another eu country, norway or Iceland.
  • Just dealt with in the needs of job-seekers to remove the obstacles to mobility.
  • Supports employers of the above-mentioned countries seeking motivated and qualified.
  • The support available includes funding to cover aspects such as language courses, the recognition of qualifications and the costs of travel and stay.

Who can apply for such aid?

  • Applicants for employment 18 years or more.
  • Nationals of the eu, norway or iceland, or any person residing legally in these countries.
  • Any jobseeker, regardless of their qualifications.


You can find a job or an opportunity of training in your country? Do You Want To work abroad, but don't know how to overcome the formidable obstacles?


Do You Want To hire people with a specific profile, but you have difficulties to find them in your own country? Do You Want To form a multicultural team that can be your company?

The test with "EURES Targeted Mobility Scheme"

What is "EURES Targeted Mobility Scheme"?

  • Offers your company specific support by local employment services for job seekers motivated and qualified professionals from other european countries to work, internships or training as apprentices.
  • If you area small or medium-sized enterprises, you can also apply for grants to cover part of the costs of training and integration of this new staff.

Who can apply for such aid?

All companies or organizations established in one eu country, norway or iceland, regardless of their economic sector or size.

Any company that offers a labour contract in writing of at least:

  • 6 months for jobs or learning;
  • 3 months for practices.

Any company or organization that provides a placement to meet its national legislation.

Where can you hire your company?

In any eu country, iceland or Norway.

How can you start?

  • She requested information about the conditions for participation to your EURES adviser.
  • Jobs, internships and training of apprentices
  • Located in a state member of the eu, iceland or Norway.
  • Compliance with labour legislation and social protection and guarantee adequate protection of employees and apprentices or trainees (social security, health insurance and accident insurance, etc.)
  • Ensure remuneration (wages) and a contractual relationship in writing.
  • Have a minimum period of six months for jobs and apprenticeships or three months in the case of practices.
  • Working hours must be at least 50 % of full time.

The request for assistance to labour mobility EURES has to be done through a counsellor/EURES to their province.

You can locate them to the counsellor/EURES to his provincehere.

We must seek assistance before the start of the activity and prior to departure.

In this procedure the trustees/as EURES of Spain acting as intermediaries.

The approval and payment of the mobility EURES is entirely for the Specific Plan for mobility (PEM) at the request.