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Vocational Guidance

Common Services portfolio SNE

The services of the Common Portfolio SNEadopted by the royal decree 7 / 2015 , they are designed to help workers find suitable employment to their characteristics and employers to hire workers complies with their needs, facilitate the professional and geographical mobility in order to correct these imbalances between supply and demand, collecting and analysing the situation and developments in the labour market, linked with the unemployment protection subject to the commitment of activity and coordinate with the rest of active employment policies.

The actions of the Common Portfolio of the national system of employment in this area relate to public employment services of the autonomous communities. In accordance with article 7 services included, are as follows:

  1. Vocational guidance service.
  2. Job placement and counselling services to enterprises.
  3. The service of training and preparation for employment.
  4. Advisory service for self-employment and entrepreneurship


Technical guide for the development of the protocols to the Portfolio of services of Common national employment System

The protocols to the vocational guidance Service are:

  1. Diagnosis and preparation of the profile
  2. Design of individual and personal itinerary of employment (IPE)
  3. Accompagnement personnalisé in the development of the itinerary and the fulfilment of the commitment of activity
  4. Advice and technical support for the definition of the curriculum and to the application of techniques for the active pursuit of employment
  5. Additional information and advice on the situation of the labour market, active employment policies and common services and complementary to the portfolio and on the educational opportunities and programmes
  6. Support for the management of labour mobility

OPEAS (Career Guidance for employment and self-employment Assistance

Vocational Guidance for employment and self-employment Assistance (OPEAS) is done through collaborating entities. These bodies receive subsidies to build the proceedings of orientation according to existing legislation, the established in the portfolio of common services SNE.

Public employment services of the autonomous communities may consider these proceedings as a common agenda in their respective annual employment plan and communicate, through the SISPE (information system of public employment services) beneficiaries and intended and actual budget. In the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla are still the normative base OPEAS.

The normative basis of vocational guidance for employment and self-employment Assistance, OPEAS, is theAgenda 20 january 1998 establishing the regulatory basis for the awarding of subsidies for the implementation of actions to employment and self-employment assistance.

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