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Employment of women and Gender Mainstreaming in policies of support for the activation for employment

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The challenge of equality

The component 23 the recovery Plan, transformation and Resilience is directly related to the principles of equal opportunities of access to the labour market, the fair working conditions and the protection and social inclusion included in the european pillar of Social rights.

To advance the challenge of real equality between women and men, education, training and lifelong learning through an accompaniment adapted, are essential elements on which build projects and programmes of investment Employment Women in the field of employment.

Proposed actions to foster gender mainstreaming in all the active employment policy

The Employment and investment women gender mainstreaming in public policies to support for the activation for employment has reached 3 million euros in three years ( 2021 - 2023 ): the main objective is to push ahead with real incorporation of the principle of equality between women and men in the design, implementation and evaluation of activation policies for employment.

The SEPE leads this project with a technical assistance service that operates the tools to mainstream a gender perspective in all the elements of the annual plans for employment of public employment services (both central and regional).

Training programmes and insertion for women victims of gender violence or sexual exploitation and trafficking with commitment to recruitment

Will cover the itineraries of integration for those women, in two stages. In the first six months, the participants will custom itineraries of social inclusion, and the next six months to have a dual training staff with commitment post by employers.