Creation of a cooperative or labour society

If it does thecreation of a cooperative or society labour:

  • Private document signed by those who will constitute the cooperative or society labour, which includes:
    • The identity of the men and women.
    • The demonstration of its willingness to constitute the cooperative or society.
    • Working conditions stable.
    • Whether or not to fix test period and duration of the same.
      • Compulsory contribution and, in its case, the person voluntary worker partner to the cooperative, as well as in your case, an entry fee, or the value and number of shares or participations to subscribe by partner or partner of the labour society anonymous or of limited liability.
  • Draft statutes of the cooperative society or work, stating:
    • Social capital.
    • The distribution in input, actions or participations.
    • Possible forms and deadlines for the disbursement.
    • Working conditions stable and contributions of its members and partners.
  • Any other documentation that can show the investment made and / or the viability of the project.