Joining a company incorporated in the past twelve months

In the event that the workerattempt to join a company incorporated in the past twelve months:

  • Articles of incorporation of the company and proof of registration in the commercial register.
  • Certification of the governing body of the society where specified:
    • That the worker had applied for membership in the same.
    • The conditions under which such entry will be for the realization of a professional activity framed as a person employed woman in Social security and owning the effective control of the same.
    • The value of acquisition of actions or participations of society.
    • Due date on which the applicant will be their equity.
    • The identity of the person or persons who have attributed leadership and management of society.
  • Memory the project if it is joining a company that has not yet started the activity.
  • Any other documentation that can show the investment made.