COVID-19 alarm status 

The State Public Employment Service (SEPE) informs you that:

  • We are currently prioritizing our means in managing and resolving applications for Unemployment Benefits

    For this reason, we ask all Citizens to use exclusively the online contact form, for general inquiries about Unemployment Benefits.

  • We ask all users of our services for their collaboration to make responsible use of this care channel, avoiding using the option of complaints and suggestions to complain about web crashes, collapsed phones, inquiries and specific claims about their provision or subsidy, etc.
  • This mailbox only serves general inquiries about unemployment benefits, the answers of which are also on the SEPE website.
  • You can consult the information on the SEPE website first, with specific information on the measures applied in relation to the COVID-19 situation (COVID-19 space)
  • To consult the details and receipt of your service you can do so through the Electronic Headquarters of the SEPE
  • You can also do other paperwork at The Electronic Headquarters.
  • Only if you deem it necessary to access the consultation form