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Transmission of communications periods of activity and other situations

This service allows the sending through Internet, by companies, the transmission of communications periods of activity and other situations produced during the life of the campaigns of working people discontinuous fixed or during periods of labour suspension or reduction of ordinary working day, authorized by file of regulation of Employment.

What is it?

Is to offer the possibility to any company that has Internet access, to inform the public employment service State (SEPE), the initial high in all those workers affected by one extinction, suspension or reduction of the ordinary working day consequence of a file of regulation of Employment.

This communication can be made using the application of technology XML, through the treatment of XML format files whose management of shipment is manual. Requires the intervention of a person user to once the file has been created, proceed to select it and send it to SEPE.

For the generation of this file XML, there is a wizard within the application Certific@ 2 .

How does the service?

To use the application Certific@ 2 , users must have permission to telematic transmission of data to public employment services, obtained previously as defined in the implementation Contrat@, or electronic signature issued by any certification authorities.

For files XML sent through access to the application Certific@ 2 , there are two levels of control:

  • Format Control in real time, at the very moment in which it sends the file. In case of error detected, specifies That and the file is not sent for processing in the SEPE. otherwise the file is sent to the SEPE for processing.
  • Remaining controls. Was held when the file has been sent to SEPE. As a result of this second level of control, proceed to send an email informing the final outcome of the process: processed correctly or rejected, in which case attach the errors detected.

In addition, in each shipment you can append until 10 XML file.

Users of the application Certific@ 2 data labour activity of the month or previous months. The communication of periods of activity can be done during the 24 hours per day, every day of the year, bearing the prior authorization of the worker.

Telematic transmission of data by an authorized person user on the periods of the collective work for working people discontinuous fixed or persons affected by a dossier employment regulation of suspension or reduced hours, will allow the management by the managing body of the application of resumption of benefits and unemployment benefits of such persons workers.

What are the benefits?

With this application that public service state employment makes available to companies, aims to simplify the procedures for the recognition and reduction deadlines for files of regulation of Employment.