Communicate recruitment. Contrat@

Certific@2This website facilitates communication of recruitment on-line through the application Contrat@. This application allows employers and to women entrepreneurs acting on its own behalf and to companies and professionals col · legiats acting on behalf of third parties, communicate the content of employment to public employment services from their offices or professional headquarters.

Through Contrat@ can communicate data from contracts, Basic Copies, extensions, fixed appeals discontinuous and covenants complementary hours, and can be done by one of the three options available: through communication of data, by sending XML file or via Web services.

Using this service you must have an authorization of public employment services. This must complete a Request for authorization and submit it with documentation precise in these Utilities. Once authorization, you will access Contrat@ well with Digital Certificate or Electronic DNIor The company identifier and the key personnel in the application. For more information, exists in the application a complete "User Manual " and a link ""Notices that is updated with news about legislation in hiring. If you have any doubt or incident, you can raise it from the Contrat@ mailbox .