COVID- information 19 the public employment service Ceuta state

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For attention Telematics (Website)

Arrangements for the demand for employment

The demand for employment will be automated until 31 july 2021 .

Mailbox of the claim: boe 5100110 @sepe.es. This is only for high initial and updating of data. If you require provisionNO need to send the application for inclusion in this mailbox, demand will be handled ex officio.

Group bookings through our website: It should be handled through Electronic site SEPETelephone. Will be addressed WITHOUT FACE-TO-DISPLACEMENT to the employment bureau.

Benefit processing

The appointment must be processed through the Electronic site SEPE.

*It cannot be duplicate requestin various ways (appointment and presolicitud).

Call for

RATEL: 956 98 47 79 (locution Option 2 ).

Employment plans Ceuta 2021

Delegation of the government

Provisional list employment scheme 2021 Delegation of the Government,

  • Allegations: Five working days from the day following the publication in the OUTDOOR CINEMA.
  • PresentationIn the Person: low Street Guidance. Rampa de Abastos, 3 . Ceuta.
  • Form of allegations

Employment plans Ceuta 2020

Final list employment Plan 2020

Local Corporations

Government delegation

List of allegations