Economic-financial information

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In this section we put at your disposal information on issues of económico-financieras SEPE following the line of management open. In different blocks you can access issues such as the stock of annual accounts and results, the annual report, management reports and audit, as well as the budgets and reports of budgetary implementation, which provides data on the targets set in the budget plans and evaluation and achievement. Finally, we offer you the available data concerning periods means of payment to suppliers.

You can consult in this enlacela information concerning bids of SEPE.

Report on contracts awarded in the SEPE according to their procedure: EXERCISE 2018

Open multiple criteria 52.288.275,25 76,12%
Open standard price 2.191.826,41 3,19%
Minor contract 1.633.884,50 2,38%
Negotiated procedure without advertising 5.515.400,64 8,03%
Centralized procurement 5.853.824,27 8,52%
Simplified open 1.135.674,39 1,65%
Price criterion restricted 76.500,00 0,11%
TOTAL 68.695.385,46 100,00%
Amounts in euro

The information of the annual accounts 2012 in the future of this entity is available on the transparency portal of the General state administration.