The unemployment compensation is paid after the involuntary loss definitive or temporary employment, or after the reduction of daily la jornada, decisive action by the businessman and communicated to the labour department, or authorized by it, or taken by a court judgement in bankruptcy procedure.
In case of collective dismissal, the operator was due to the social security contributions, assuming the contribution of business, and discounting of the amount to pay the worker's contribution to social security.
In case of suspension or reduction of time the company continues to be forced to enter the corporate contribution In Full, for all contingencies, and the operator, prior discount in the amount of benefit, enter the input of the worker for the time is unemployed.


If you are affected by a RIT ERTE or access to protection by unemployment, are as follows:

  • To inscribe on the public employment services for Self-Government.
  • Other than ERTE by force majeure authorized by the labour authorities, to receive contributory benefit, must have operated and contributed to unemployment at least 360 days, within six years prior to the legal situation of unemployment and did not use such rates for a benefit. If you have completed the period under 360 days you can also receive the unemployment allowance if, in addition to the rest of requirements, has no income above 75 % the minimum wage in force, without taking into account the proportionate share of two extraordinary pay. (Amounts for this year).
  • There are No ordinary retirement age, unless it has not made sufficient time to access the contributory retirement pension or contract has been suspended or reduced daily working hours of work by ERTE.
  • Do not perform an activity or self-employed work full-time except compatibility, established by a programme for the promotion of employment.
  • Not a pension of Social security incompatible with the work.

In case of contract suspension, it must be agreed at the appropriate procedure, temporary and be caused by economic, technical, organizational, production, or force majeure.

In case of reduced working hours of work similar to a reduction of the salary, it must be agreed at the appropriate procedure for economic, technical, organizational, production or force majeure. Must be a temporary measure and the reduction may be of between 10 and seventy percent computed on the basis of the day daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

Obligations, infractions and sanctions

Duration and level

Thelength of contributory benefitcollective redundancies time depends on based working person before the legal status of unemployment. If you get the contributory suspension of the contract or for reduced working hours under ERTE, the duration of benefit depends on the duration of the measure, and in the event that is due to economic, technical, organizational or production, will also depend on the contribution by the individual workers.
The time that has been on ERTE receiving unemployment benefits does not compute as qualifying period for this purpose.
In the RIT for any reason and ERTE derived from economic, technical, organizational and production patterns, the daily amount of the delivery, 180 first days will be equivalent to 70 % of the regulatory base, and from the day 181 until the end of the provision will be equivalent to 50 per cent of these foundations.
In the ERTE force majeure, the daily amount will be the 70 per cent of the base figure, during the lifetime of the measure.
Si el importe resultante es superior o inferior a las cuantías máximas o mínimas establecidas, usted percibirá estas cantidades máximas o mínimas según corresponda.
If unemployment was biased because of the person to be affected by a worker ERTE of reduced working hours, the party in proportion to the hours that is either unemployed or unemployed, including the proportionate share of the weekly rest and the consumption of the provision will be done hours rather than days.
With regard to the Social insurance payments, in cases of suspension of the contract or reduced working hours, the company is obliged to enter the 100 per cent of the corporate contribution by all contingencies and operator enters the individual contribution workers for the time is unemployed, the amount of the amount of delivery.

In case of collective dismissal, the operator takes input companies and also enter the input of the individual employee, no contribution is unemployment, accidents and occupational diseases, Wage guarantee fund or vocational training.

For the Social insurance payments can obtain information through the phone 901 502 050 or 915410291 page www.seg-social.es.

You can apply, where appropriate, the retention of Personal income tax (IRPF). The percentage of this retention can climb, if you request while contributory receive benefit.

(Amounts for this year).

Payment of hazard pay is generally by monthly 30 days or for the period, which, if any, appropriate, between 10 and 15 the month immediately following the month of the case shall be. with some exceptionsthrough the payment in the light of the financial entity which you indicate, whenever owner of the same.


  • Official model request contributory benefit or unemployment benefit.
  • Identification of the applicant and the children who live or are responsible for the application; enough with the exhibition of one of these documents:
    • Spanish men and women: National identity document (DNI) or passport.
    • Foreign nationals and foreigners resident in spain:
      • European union nationals: Certificate of registration of a citizen of the european Union, containing NIE, together with the passport or identification document in their country of origin.
      • Non-nationals of the european union:Identity card of Alien/a (TAR) in the number and passport.
  • Any bank document which includes the account number which is a holder and where you want to receive the benefit.
  • Official family record book or certification of the Civil registration of births or family. In the case of foreign document equivalent to those mentioned above, with official translation into english.
  • Company certificate of the past 6 months (if it has not been submitted by the company to the public employment service Estatal).

When, where and how we tramito

If the request of unemployment benefit within the legally established, entitlement to benefit obtained the day after extinguished or suspend their contract, or the day following the reduction of working hours, unless otherwise later date or due to reasons of force majeure, and provided that before that date the company has communicated to the labour department action as appropriate.

If the temporary suspension or termination of the employment relationship or reduced working hours daily, are taken in a bankruptcy procedure, the right to unemployment benefit is obtained from the date on which the judge to agree to such measures, although the auto setting retroactive effects.

May submit the application through: