The Observatory of occupations in the SEPE, through its own methodology, studies the professional profiles and skills that require companies to cover their jobs in the job offers published on websites of public and private employment. It comes to working on understanding the functioning of the labour market and that this information to be useful to improve the employability of workers and for the unemployed who seek to join the labour market; the workers to stay in the market or create your own work; employers looking for candidates to fill their jobs, education and training entities and, of course, those who act as intermediaries and provide guidance.


  • Providing a characterization of jobs and working conditions of the same provide users with the information they need to contrast it with its own profile and take the necessary measures according to their expectations.
  • Disclosing new skills, which in turn require new formative contents that candidates have if they want to enter or remain in the ever-changing labour market.
  • Provision of guidance counsellors and employment agents useful tools to work in the fields of employment and educational counselling, mediation and the training for employment.
  • Provide various social actors, whether public or private, arguments to support decision-making in respect of employment, guidance, brokering, training, etc.

What information is contained in the profile?
The characterization of tenders professionals employment portals, requiring specific skills in their jobs and profile of the candidate they need, both of its characteristics, their competencies and training and employment.

What you can find professional profiles?
The profiles are organized in the home page 9 major professional groups.

We have aFORMwhere you can find the profiles. Enter the or the words of the profession and you want to search the linked profile
In this table, you can write the profession that information, as well as, when the cursor in the text of the profile that we want to consult, shows the occupations linked to it.
To view all profiles studied in each of the large groups only needs to be deployed in each of them:

1 Directors and managers.

  • Directors trade, research and development
  • Heads of companies of supply, transport, distribution and related
  • Directors of policy and planning of other administrative departments
  • Managers of information and communication technologies (ICT)
  • Chief financial officer

2 . Technical and professional scientists and intellectuals

  • Lawyers
  • Financial analysts
  • Analysts and systems administrators and computer networks
  • Analysts and software designers and multimedia
  • Architects (except landscape architects and planners)
  • Technical architects and planners technical
  • Biologists, botanists, zoologists and related
  • Game developers
  • Graphic designers and multimedia
  • Nurses specialized not
  • Non-specialized nurses (except matronos)
  • Specialists in accounting
  • Specialists in the organization and management
  • Policy specialists and personnel services and related
  • Pharmacists
  • Philologists, interpreters and translators
  • Physiotherapists
  • Aeronautical engineers
  • Agricultural engineers, agricultural technical engineers
  • Engineers of materials, engineers of trash and graphics and textile Engineers
  • Electronic engineers
  • In construction and engineering civilian labour force
  • Engineers
  • In
  • Industrial engineers and production
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Technical engineers and industrial production
  • Technical engineers in topography
  • Trainers of information technologies
  • Speech therapists
  • Mathematical and actuaries
  • Family doctors
  • Family doctors and specialists
  • Dentists, doctors and dentists
  • Optical-Optometrists
  • Other professional training
  • Professionals of environmental education
  • Professionals of environmental protection
  • Professionals from the sale of information and communications
  • Sales professionals and medical techniques (except icts)
  • Professional information technologies
  • Teachers of non-formal education of languages
  • Teachers of vocational training (specific subjects)
  • University professors and other higher education
  • Psychologists
  • Chemicals
  • Technical special education teachers
  • Technicians in cybersecurity
  • Technical childhood education
  • Occupational therapists
  • Veterinary

3 . Technical, professional support

  • Officers and administrators of property
  • Commercial agents and representatives
  • Youth leaders in free time
  • Management assistants and administrative matters
  • Chefs
  • Technical designers and stylists
  • Designers and interior decorators
  • Mediators and insurance
  • Monitors and instructors of sporting activities
  • Support of legal services and similar services
  • Professionals of the area of support in the company
  • Computer programmers
  • Representatives, agents and related business
  • Supervisors food industries and tobacco
  • Supervisors of the construction
  • Audio-visual recording equipment
  • Laboratory technicians in industrial chemistry
  • The Web
  • Technical assistance in the user of information technologies
  • Technical quality control
  • Technicians in electricity
  • Electronic technicians (except electromedicine)
  • Technical and diagnostic image
  • Technicians in facilities for the production of energy
  • Technicians in waste treatment plants, water and other operators similar plants
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Technicians in computer systems operations
  • Technicians in workplace hazard prevention and environmental health
  • Technicians in dental prostheses
  • Technicians
  • Senior technicians in oral health services

4 . Employees accountants, administrative and other employees of office

  • Employees of surveys
  • Administrative employees
  • Commercial administrative employees
  • Travel
  • Employees of libraries and archives
  • Employees of accounting
  • Control and payroll staff
  • Employees of logistics and transport of goods
  • Data provided
  • Receptionists (except hotel)
  • Hotel receptionists
  • Teleoperadores and telemarketing operators

5 . Workers from the restaurant services, personal, protection and sellers

  • Nursing auxiliaries
  • Atm machine and reponedores trade
  • Waiters
  • Cooks
  • Building janitors
  • Keepers of animals and trainers
  • Employees of service station
  • Specialists in beauty treatments, welfare staff
  • Tourist guides
  • Driving school instructors
  • Section chiefs in shops and stores
  • Specialists in hairdressers and beauty treatments
  • Private security personnel
  • Promoters of sale
  • Lifeguards
  • Supervisors maintenance and cleaning in offices, hotels and other institutions
  • Pharmacy technicians
  • Technical health emergencies
  • Workers of care to individuals
  • Workers in the personal care home
  • Home sellers and telemarketing operators
  • Store and inventory management
  • Store and warehouses (food)
  • Store and warehouses (non-food products)

6 . Skilled workers in the agricultural sector, livestock, forestry and fisheries

  • Skilled workers in agricultural activities
  • Forestry workers

7 . Artisans and skilled workers from manufacturing industries and construction (except operators of facilities and machinery)

  • Adjusters and operators of máquinas-herramienta
  • Masons
  • Carpenters
  • Chapistas caldereros and
  • Cristaleros
  • Joinery trade and related workers
  • Electricians of building and related
  • Plumbers
  • Fumigators) and other drivers of pests and weeds
  • Insulation installers and sound proofing
  • Installers and repairers electric lines
  • Installers and ICT in technologies
  • Maintainers of buildings
  • Slaughterers and workers in meat industries
  • Mechanical maintenance
  • Mecánicos-instaladores of refrigeration
  • Mechanical and adjusters of agricultural and industrial machinery
  • Mechanical and adjusters of motor vehicles.
  • Mechanical and electrical equipment repairers
  • Assemblers of metal structures
  • Montadores-instaladores of solar energy
  • Other structural works of construction not classified under other headings
  • Bakers and confectioners pastry,
  • Painters in manufacturing industries
  • Painters and empapeladores
  • Welders, underwriters flooring and related
  • Tapiceros colchoneros and related,
  • Product processors workers of fruit and vegetables
  • Workers in the manufacture of tools, mecánico- adjusters, modelístas related being,
  • Workers fish industries
  • Cobblers

8 Facilities. Operators and assemblers and machinery,

  • Truck drivers who
  • Hauliers and employees of cars and vans, taxis
  • Assemblers electrical and electronic equipment
  • Sailors of bridge, sailors of machines and related
  • Agricultural machinery operators
  • Machine operators, bottling packaging and labelling
  • Machine operators, laundry and cleaning
  • Machine operators to produce food, drinks and tobacco
  • Machine operators to manufacture products of plastic material
  • Operators in facilities for obtaining and reworking of metals
  • Operators in chemical industrial plants
  • Motorcycle delivery
  • Workers in the carriage of goods and pan tipping device

9 Elementary occupations.

  • Kitchen
  • Agricultural labourers
  • Construction labourers
  • Pawns farmers
  • Cleaning staff from offices, hotels and other similar establishments
  • Home delivery on foot or by non-motorized vehicle

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