The right of option

When the right to benefit will wither away for performing work employment of at least 360 days and the adoption of a new unemployment benefit, the working person may choose, in writing and within ten days from the recognition, between reopen the initial law for the period that detract from the bases and percentages and allotment ceilings, or receive the generated by new contributions made.

When the worker chooses to reopen the initial law contributions which generated by that provision may not have chosen that may not be counted for the recognition of a subsequent law level of contributors or welfare. If you choose to receive the new provision, the previous never recover.

The right of option may also be exercised in www.sepe.es.

However, if the provision has been suspended, but from the date of their recognition has worked and contributed to unemployment during 360 o más días no consecutivos, habiendo reanudado entre ellos dicha prestación, desde el 28 december 2020 the person can choose between a worker to reopen the initial right or benefit on the generated by new contributions made. In that case, if you choose to resume the initial law, the new contributions it can be computed for the recognition of a later law, but if you choose to receive the new benefit above shall be definitively lost in time and without the possibility of acquiring it.

If unemployment benefit is suspended for a self-employment, and after separation of this, the working person's right to protection by cessation of activity, you can choose to receive It or to reopen the entitlement to unemployment.

If you opt for the previous provision, which created the new provision by which it has not chosen could not be taken into account in adopting a later law. If you opt for the new provision, the former shall be definitively extinguished and unable to recover.