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Documentation in an initial high contributory benefit

You have to provide a further documentation, according to your situation:

  • If you lose a full-time work and hold another part-time:
    • Company certificate of the work that remains.
  • If you lose a part-time work and hold another part-time:
    • If you lose the later part-time work mantenías that:
      • Company certificate of the past 180 days preceding the loss of first-time work, if you're not in the databases of the public employment Service.
  • If you have challenged the dismissal:
    • Act of conciliation or judicial, administrative or judicial decision or order of choice for compensation, or car in the case of no readmission agreements or irregular readmission by declared terminated the employment relationship.
  • If you have ceased in activity or jumping bullfighter:
    • The contract of work of the Last action.
    • You can submit any other documentation you feel is important for the processing of your request.
  • If you have stopped working as domestic worker:
    • Comunicación escrita de la persona empleadora, debiendo constar de modo claro e inequívoco:
      • The will of the person of employer terminated the employment relationship
      • Why is extinguished the employment relationship.
  • If you have ceased in a company and you request voluntary redundancy in another old:
    • If the duration of leave is already over when you apply for unemployment benefit or was not provided for a minimum period of duration of leave granted, you must provide written of the company stating that you cannot resume the same.
  • If you are trade representative:
    • If you do not have the certificate of company signed and sealed copy of the latter company in which you worked:
      • Certification of receipt of Social security contributions.
  • If you are a partner or cooperative partner:
    • In the event of termination by economic, technological or force majeure: certification of the labour department where the record of the causes of cessation.
  • In case of termination or suspension of the employment relationship of victims of gender-based violence:
    • To justify the victim of gender-based violence through:
        • Order of protection or report of the public prosecutor or
        • Certification of the Social Services by the competent authority or center or
        • Judicial decision.
  • If you have worked in a foreign country:
    • If you're coming back from a country member of the european Union or of the european economic area, form Or 1 or E- 301 .
    • In the case of migrants in Switzerland, certificate of the labour corps that country or form Or 1 .
    • If retornas of Australia, liaison form.
    • If you're coming back from a country that is not a member of the european union or of the european economic area or with the lack of the convention on protection for unemployment: Certification issued by the areas and provincial labour and social affairsthe office or branch of Government, the date of return and time worked in the country of emigration.
  • In case of persons who are released from prison:
    • Certification of the penitentiary management of the release by sentence or probation, as well as the dates of detention and release.
    • Company certificate for having worked during the course of the situation of deprivation of liberty, in the case that he is not in the databases of the public employment Service.

No additional documentation is required in the following cases:

  • If you have ceased in an activity of artist.
  • Fixed working people discontinuous.
  • In case of conduct of the Special System.
  • If you are a public office or association.
  • If procedes ISFAS regime.
  • If a procedes RIT/ERTE.
  • If the person is declared worker a permanent total incapacity and chooses to receive unemployment benefit.

In any case:

  • If you have family responsibilities and has varied situation your sons/daughters at your expense:

It will only be necessary to justify those sons and daughters do not appear on previous applications.

    • Official family record book or certification of the Civil registration of births or family. In the case of foreign document equivalent to those mentioned above, with official translation into spanish..
  • If you have children or daughters of 26 with disabilities:
    • Either through resolution or certificate issued by the institute of Higher and social services (IMSERSO) or competent organ of the autonomous community concerned, either through supporting card the degree of disability.
  • If you have accepted under:
    • Court decision or formalization written in care, containing the consent of the public Entity in each territory has vested the protection of minors and date of effect of the placement.
  • In the event of separation or divorce:
    • Ruling and/or settlement of the separation.
  • If you have children who do not reside in spain and are working:
    • Form Or 006 AS USUAL, 302 , or equivalent, depending on the country.
    • Certification of the consular or embassy of spain in the country of residence or certification of the authorized body in that country on the employment situation of the sons and daughters.