Duration of the provision

Is calculated taking into account the time occupation contributed to unemployment during the six years prior to the legal situation of unemployment or the time at the end of an obligation to contribute, or if any, from the birth of the right to unemployment benefit. The days of paid leave and shall be considered as unused periods quoted occupation.

In the case of emigrants returned or persons who are released from prison, the duration of benefit is calculated taking into account the contributions made in the 6 years prior to departure from spain or to imprisonment, respectively. If qualifying abroad or in prison, the calculation of the 6 years back will be from the date on the termination of employment relationship.

Inwww.sepe.esyou can access a autocálculo programme that will give you guidance on the duration and amount of the contributory and which will only be informative nature.

To determine the duration of the provision shall apply the following schedule:

Days of contributions Days of delivery
of 360 to 539 120
of 540 to 719 180
of 720 to 899 240
of 900 to 1079 300
of 1080 to 1259 360
of 1260 to 1439 420
of 1440 to 1619 480
of 1620 to 1799 540
of 1800 to 1979 600
of 1980 to 2159 660
from 2160 720