In the case of single payment awarded for the exercise of an activity independently justify the payment Only has gone to such activity through the presentation of all kinds of accounting documents (invoices, rent receipts, scripts, contracts of sale or transfer, etc.), containing the amounts paid by each of the concepts.

The cash contributions the social capital justified by certification of deposit the corresponding amounts to the name of the company, in the credit institution that has incorporated notary the articles of incorporation or execution of the increase of social capital. In this certification will appear contributions from each partner or a partner and describing the non-cash contributions, as well as its valuation in euros.

If spent part of the single payment to make a voluntary contribution to a cooperative, it must prove that has been allocated to social capital, through certification of its governing body, as well as the commitment acquired by the worker before the cooperative that voluntary contribution will remain in the cooperative the same time that the input compulsory, or at least the same time during which would have been seen contributory benefit, if any perceived month to month.