Traducción automática

El presente sitio Web está traducido a varias lenguas españolas oficiales en sus respectivos territorios, de conformidad con lo establecido en el artículo 3 de la Constitución Española de 1978 y sus Estatutos de Autonomía.

Las lenguas son el catalán, el euskera, gallego, valenciano, inglés y francés. Se advierte que, con carácter general, puede existir un desfase entre la versión en castellano y en las otras lenguas, derivado del proceso de traducción a las mismas.


To be justified in the investment 100 percent of the single compensation amount paid.
On the exercise of a self-employed activity, it may the amount of payment Only through the submission of all kinds of accounting documents (invoices, rent, scriptures, contracts of sale or transfer, etc.).
The individual under the single payment should provide the SEPE proof of payments made by bank card in the name of the beneficiary, or bank transfer or cash income in financial entity. There will be taken into account the amounts paid in cash or means of payment or to bearer cards.
The unearmarked contributions the social capital would be justified by certification of the deposit the corresponding amounts in the name of society, in the credit institution that has incorporated a notary's office the deed of incorporation and implementation of the increase in the social capital. In such certification shall be in addition to the contributions made by each partner or a partner and will describe the contributions unearmarked, as well as its valuation in euros.
If it had spent part of the single payment to make a voluntary contribution to a cooperative, it must prove that has been allocated to social capital, by certification of its governing body, as well as the commitment made by the individual worker to the cooperative that such a voluntary contribution in the cooperative will remain the same time that the mandatory contribution, or at least the same time for which they would have earned contributory benefit, having received a monthly basis.
The sale of movable property between individuals shall be credited by the contract to that effect signed by both parties, which must be identified by parties in a complete, as well as the purchased, their price and the document in evidence of the seller (bank transfer or similar), the rationale for having completed the patrimonial transmissions tax and legal acts documented on the contract.
This is without prejudice to the SEPE may require to justify the total amount of the single payment scheme, any other type of documentation.