I entered prison, may i continue to claim unemployment benefits? Can You collect my spouse for me?

If you have been imprisoned must be drawn when remand in custody is preventively or provisional manner, or on the contrary, his detention is to serve their sentences.

If provisional detention is not interrupted the benefit or unemployment allowance was paid before going to prison. However, must notify the The Autonomous Community service employment.

If imprisonment is serving a sentence be suspended, unemployment benefits during the time of the sentence, except in the case of family responsibilitiesand does not have any family income levels of which exceeds the Minimum Wage (SMI)in this case you can request the continuity of their perception, using one of the following means:

  • If you have a digital certificate, electronic identity card or username and password Cl@ve may submit an application:
  • At its office in person of allowances, asking for appointment. The appointment can apply through worldbridgeelectronic site SEPEor on the telephone number 919 26 79 70 (service 24 p.m.). In this case, may submit an application by an authorized person, bringing the printed business continuityduly completed and signed by You, together with the relevant authorisation and photocopy of id number them and the authorized person.
  • You can also submit the request of the continuity of the law of the recovery in the records of any administrative body that belong to the General state administration, of their autonomous community, to some of the constituent entities of the Local Administration, post offices or in any other record established by law.

Both if income is in custody or to serve their sentences, and has the right to continue to receive benefit if your payment was domiciled in which You will continue to take is likewise no more red tape. But if charged, by monthly must consent to any person to copper instead, with Id number and the request for authorization signed by You and by the authorized person.

In both cases, if he was in prison receive grant, may request its extension within 15 working days after the end of the period recognized, if you can apply.

During the sentence, it shall recognize new rights, although you have family responsibilities. Therefore, if received unemployment benefit of level of contributors when he entered prison and the exhaust remain in this situation, we shall have the right to recognition of the exhaustion of the same.

In any case, is obliged to communicate their situation the Autonomous Community Service employment.