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Can I collect unemployment benefits and be a member of a Local Corporation with full or partial dedication?

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As a member of a Local Corporation, for the exercise of your position on an exclusive or part-time basis, you have the right to receive remuneration and, therefore, you must be registered in the General Social Security Regime.

In the case of exclusive dedication, the remuneration for the work will be incompatible with the unemployment benefit.

If, through the corresponding certificate from the City Council, you certify that you are going to perform the position part-time, you will be able to make the receipt of benefits compatible with your remuneration, but the proportion proportional to the time of part-time dedication will be reduced from the amount of the benefit or subsidy.

If you are receiving unemployment benefits, your income must not exceed the limit of 75% of the

Minimum Interprofessional Wage (SMI).

You can also choose to reduce benefits.

If as a member of a Local Corporation you do not have exclusive or partial dedication, but you receive remuneration for effective attendance at the sessions of the collegiate bodies of the Corporation, in the amount indicated by the plenary session of the same, the remuneration for these attendances and Unemployment benefits would be compatible if the performance of the effective position did not prevent you from fulfilling your obligations as a person receiving benefits.

It is understood that said remuneration is compatible with the work activity and that it is not properly remuneration for work, but mere compensation. However, these perceptions are considered income in order to prove the requirement of lack of own income lack of own income required by current regulations, to access and be a recipient of the unemployment benefit, if it does not exceed 75% of the SMI mentioned above.