May I take unemployment if i am part-time having lost a full-time employment? How determine its duration and amount?

As the perception of contributory unemployment benefit is compatible with the employed workforce part-time, if the loss of full-time employment has been involuntarily, would be legally unemployed and could come in the provision, subject to the rest of the general requirements.

The duration of the indemnity is calculated taking into account all periods that have not been used in the six years prior to the legal situation of unemployment, and these include the contributions of the work that loses, maintaining and of all labour relations that have taken in that period.

The amount of benefit is calculated by the contributions of the past 180 days worked prior to cessation, considering the corresponding to the contract which ends and maintaining. Of that amount is deducted the proportionate share for the work part-time that remains.

More information on the compatibility of the provision and work in: “I am unemployed and i have found a job”.