Payment of unemployment, can i keep simultaneously two part-time contracts? What would be the amount and duration of unemployment?

If reconcile part-time work for three companies and loses one of them, in the other two contracts, may not receive unemployment benefit for the cessation of work that loses, provided that the amount of the days of the jobs that they maintained time full-time.

To calculate the amount of unemployment benefit is taken into account the base figure; this is obtained by dividing 180 the amount of contributions made during the 180 days before the day when there has been legally unemployed.

Take into account the contributions made both in the work that loses and maintained.

The level of hazard pay was subtracted the proportionate share of the day of work involved in the jobs that remain.

The duration will depend on each occupation quoted in the six years prior to the legal situation of unemployment or at the time of the end of an obligation to contribute and which had not been taken into account to access to a provision.

For more information: Compatibility with the employed workforce part-time.