Contributory benefit protects the unemployment situation of those who can and want to work, lose their jobs temporarily or permanently or temporarily reduced to see their ordinary working day between a minimum of one 10 % and 70 %.

For access to the same requires, in addition to fulfil the requirements that below shows, prior contribution by unemployment of the worker to Social security.

The Public Service state employment is the independent body responsible for the management and control of unemployment benefits. The Social Institute navy performs the management of unemployment benefits for workers included in the special regime of Social security of workers from the sea.

Contributory benefit includes the Social security benefits, temporary incapacity, invalidity, death and survival, healthcare, maternity, paternity and care of children affected by cancer or other serious illness.


This will be eligible for unemployment benefit, provided that there are legal situations of unemployment, have established the minimum period of contribution required and are not in the situations of incompatibility, as follows:

  • Las personas trabajadoras por cuenta ajena incluidas en el Régimen General de la Seguridad Social, que coticen por la contingencia de desempleo.
  • Las personas trabajadoras por cuenta ajena incluidas en los Regímenes Especiales de la Seguridad Social que protegen esta contingencia de desempleo (Minería del Carbón, Régimen Especial de los Trabajadores del Mar), las personas trabajadoras fijas por cuenta ajena del Sistema Especial Agrarío de la Seguridad Social, las personas trabajadoras eventuales por cuenta ajena del mismo Sistema y las personas trabajadoras del Sistema Especial para Empleados de Hogar.
  • The partners and members of cooperatives and associated work cooperatives community exploitation as well as partners and members of other cooperatives, to be included in a Social security system that protects this possibility.
  • Sentenced persons who may have been released from prison for serving a sentence or probation.
  • Working people returning emigrants.
  • Working people in spain, foreign nationals from countries that belong to the european union or to the european economic area or outside the european union nor the European Economic Area residing legally in our country and that meet the requirements legally required, shall be entitled to unemployment benefits of level of contributors, as long as they are registered as a jobseeker.
  • The staff of employment and staff on temporary collaboration in administrative law in the service of the Public administrations.
  • To complement and military professional military officers and Act No.
  • Members of local councils and boards of the General Historical Territories “ Juntas Forales ”, Canary Island Councils and island Councils Baleares , which play such positions on a full or partial pay and paid by the office.
  • Cargos representativos de los sindicatos constituidos al amparo de la Ley Orgánica/, on freedom of association, to address trade union functions with full or partial, always paid to a fee.
  • Senior officials of public administrations which they are full-time paid staff and public officer or be entitled to receive any compensatory allowance as a result of his dismissal.

Suspension, resumption, extinction.

The right of option

Incompatibility/Compatibility of benefits

Obligations, infractions and sanctions


  • Be affiliated or affiliated and high or similar service in Social security in a system that includes the contingency by unemployment.
  • Found in legal situation of unemployment, be available to actively seek employment and to accept a proper placement. The application includes commitment of activity.
  • Be registered or registered and maintain the registration as a jobseeker throughout the period in which is perceived benefit.
  • Have worked and paid to unemployment at least 360 within days 6 years prior to the date of legal unemployment or the moment at which the obligation to contribute ended
    • In the case of the person emigrante returned that contributed to the unemployment in Spain before emigrating, you must have a minimum period covered quote 360 within days 6 years prior to the date of emigration, provided they have not been computed for the birth of a prior right. Furthermore, should not be receiving unemployment benefit in any other Status of the European Economic Area or Switzerland.
    • If there is any worker agrarian, immediately before, featured high on Social security within the collective of self-employed or self-employed, the minimum number of contributions needed to access to unemployment benefit will be 720 days.
  • Failed ordinary age for retirement.
  • Do not perform any activity or self-employed work full time, unless possible compatibility if it establishes a program to promote employment.
  • Not a pension of Social security incompatible with the work.

Obligations, offences and penalties

Duration and amount


Duration depends on unemployment contributions that has made in recent 6 years prior to the date of legal unemployment or the moment at which the obligation discontinuation contributing, or in his case, since the birth of the right to unemployment benefit earlier.

Only will take into account the quotations that have not been computed to approve a previous law, both of contributory level as welfare. However, shall not be considered as previous law that recognizes in virtúd suspension of the employment relationship envisaged in the case of victims of gender violence.

Will not be counted quotes for the time of fertilizer unemployment benefit make public service state, or in his case, the company, except when the delivery is perceived under the suspension of employment envisaged in the case of victims of gender violence. In this case the end date of the suspension will be decided by the worker, podendo ser initially until 6 months. After the initial suspension time, protection can be maintained, provided that the judge extended the suspension by periods of 3 months, with a maximum of 18 months and limit of duration of the right recognized, provided that the worker brings new documents showing this extension, without any nececesario return to accredit the protection order, or in its defect, the report of the public prosecutor.

The duration of unemployment benefit of emigrants returned or released from prison will depend on the periods of occupation corresponding to the quoted 6 years prior to the departure of Spain or imprisonment respectively, except when you have quotations efetuadas abroad or imprisonment that are accounted for the benefit.

In the course of the person emigrante returned that contributed to the unemployment in Spain before emigrating and not working in Spain upon return, the right to the protection by unemployment was born the following day of the return from abroad, where there has been the registration as demadante of employment and request within the 15 days to return.

For the calculation of the occupation period quoted, take into account periods of paid annual leave and not enjoyed before the termination of the employment relationship, as well as the corresponding to wages processing.

The start date of the allowance is the day following one in the legal situation of unemployment, if and when the application on time. You can get information about its provision in the consultation service delivery, www.sepe.es.

When the quotations accredited correspond to actual work in cases of reduced hours, every day worked be computed as day priced, anyone who has been the duration of the day. If contributions correspond to a partial work, it will calculate the duration of the contract or activity.


The amount of contributory benefit depends on the foundations of Social security contingencies for professionals during the 180 Last days, without taking into account overtime.

The regulatory base of the delivery is the average of the contribution base of the period indicated. The daily amount that is perceived is the 70 % of the regulatory base during the first 180 days of delivery and 60 % from the day 181 until the end of the same.

If in the past 180 days prior to the date of legal unemployment or the day on which the obligation to contribute ended, you only have quotations for days in the Agricultural Special System of Social security, the regulatory base daily unemployment benefit of contributory level will be the basis for quotation of the last day right that has done.

The amounts calculated so cannot exceed the ceiling, neither below the threshold, legally established. (Amounts for this year)Caps. These depend on whether or not you have sons or daughters.

Are considered sons or daughters in charge if under 26 years or older are disabled or persons under the age received, if live or financially dependent on you and have no monthly incomes above the minimum wage.

The gross amount of the provision shall two types of deductions:

  • The quotation to Social security (the 4 , 7 % of the regulatory base).
  • The withholding of IRPF, when appropriate.

Fertilizing business input will be the public employment service State (SEPE) in its entirety and the input for the worker will be integrated in charge of this. In the case of the fixed workers Agricultural Special System of Social security the SEPE cotizará for these the 73 , 50 % of the quota corresponding, by the individual worker the 26 , 50 %.

In the case of perception of unemployment benefits for reduced hours or suspension of contract, the company will assume the business input and the input for the worker will be integrated in charge of this.

In www.sepe.es it is available a program of delivery autocálculo which provides non-binding information on the duration and amount of the benefit or subsidy that could correspond.

The payment will be made by instalments of 30 days between the days 10 and 15 immediate next month at which the accrual. It will be, exceptions, through the payment in the account of the financial institution that has indicated, whenever you holds the same.

The right to perceive each instalment shall expire at the year of their respective expiration.


In order to access contributory unemployment benefit by having worked one year or more, you must register as a jobseeker and submit the following documentation:

  • Official application model, which includes the commitment of activity.
  • Identification of the applicant and the sons or daughters who live or are responsible and contained in the application, it is sufficient to teach any of the following documents:
    • Spanish citizens: National identity document (DNI) or passport.
    • Foreign and foreigners resident in Spain:
      • Nationals of the European Union: Certificate of registration of citizen of the European Union, containing the NIE, together with the passport or identity document in their country of origin.
      • No nacionales de la Unión Europea : Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero o Extranjera (TIE) y el pasaporte.
  • Any bank document containing the account number of which you, and where you want to receive the benefit.
  • Official family record book or certification of the Civiel registration of  births or family. In the case of foreign document equivalent to those mentioned above, with official translation into english.
  • Certificate or company certificates in which you have worked in the past 6 months (if they have not been sent by companies to public service state employment). Only in those situations in which the business certificate is not enough to demonstrate the date of legal unemployment, it is necessary to make another document that either.
  • More information about the documentation to contribute

When, where and how tramito

The application must submit it within 15 working days following the last day worked, to return from abroad or release. On the assumption that the company has paid holidays by not being enjoyed prior to cease, must submit the 15 days to the end of the period equivalent to the holiday.

The application must be submitted via:

  • The electronic site SEPE
  • In the office of benefits (asking appointment in the SEPE electronic site or via the phone).
  • In any public registry office.
  • By mail administrative.

The public employment service responsible will take into account the victim of gender violence to temper, if necessary, compliance with obligations arising from the pledge.

If you are applying of contributory benefit out of time, has the right to get from the date of the request, losing so many days of delivery as after between the date on which he had been approved such provision, having requested within the term, and the date on which the has presented.

In the case of legal situation of unemployment by termination of the employment relationship, the worker can claim against the decision to terminate the company.

In this case, if it had not registered and requested in the time period, would have a new deadline of 15 days to do so, from the date of the record of conciliation or Order of option for compensation, or in his case, since the court decision. Where the period that corresponds to the annual paid leave has not been enjoyed prior to the completion of the employment relationship, the application must be submitted within the 15 days of the end of that period, which must be entered in the certificate of company.

The SEPE or Social Institute navy should dictate resolution within the 15 days of the date of the application and notify within the 10 days from the date on which have been sent.

You can get more information on phones of attention to citizenship.