If has exhausted its contributory benefit and has family responsibilities, you can access an unemployment subsidy with family responsibilities by contributory benefit.

To request this allowance, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Be in unemployment.
  • Be registered or registered as a jobseeker during the period of one month since the exhaustion of the delivery (date on which ends the provision granted, it will always be earlier than the date of the last payment of the delivery), without having rejected supply of gluingor refusing to participate, except justified cause, in promotional activities, training or retraining, since the depletion of contributory benefit. The registration must be maintained throughout the period of receiving the benefit.
  • Sign the commitment of activity.
  • Having exhausted unemployment benefit of contributory level.
  • Take family responsibilities.
  • No incomes, of any nature, above the 75 % of the minimum wage, excluding the proportional part of the two extra pay. (Amounts for this year). The computed incomes by its Full performance gross or. the performance that do business, professional, agriculture, livestock or artistic, run by the difference between income and expenses necessary for obtaining them. The patrimonial profits will be awarded for the difference between gains and losses property.

The requirements to sit in the time of the event causing, and furthermore, in the application of the grant, as well as the application of their extensions or resumptions and throughout the perception of the grant.

If you do not meet the requirements of lack of income, or in his case, family responsibilities, you can obtain the grant if, within the period of one year from the date of the event causing, shows that it does.

Date is regarded as the event causing one which meets the waiting period of one month or the biannual exhaustion of the right, or the completion of the cause of suspension.

If you right to unemployment subsidy for Disabled older workers 52 yearsthis message,.

You can get more information in the helpline for citizenship.

Obligations, offences and penalties

The duration will be 6 extendable for months biannual periods, depending on the duration of unemployment benefit who have exhausted and their age, always quotation on time and keep the requirements, according to:

  • If you are under 45 years and has exhausted a contributory benefit of at least 4 months, has the right to totalize 18 months.
  • If you are under 45 years and has exhausted a contributory benefit of at least 6 months, has the right to totalize 24 months.
  • Whether is greater than 45 years and has exhausted a contributory benefit of 4 months, has the right to totalize 24 months.
  • Whether is greater than 45 years and has exhausted a contributory benefit of at least 6 months, has the right to totalize 30 months.

The age should take it into the date of exhaustion of contributory unemployment benefit. In the case of workers discontinuous fixed duration is equivalent to the number of months in the year prior to the request.

The amount of monthly unemployment subsidy is equal to 80 % of income Public Indicator of Multiple Effects (Amounts for this year).

On the assumption that the employment relationship that gave right to contributory benefit that has exhausted had been part-time, the amount of the grant will be reduced by the same percentage.

People dashed fixed workers older 52 years they will enter the quotation by the contingency of retirement throughout the period of perception of the grant.

The payment of the grant instalments shall be by of 30 days between the days 10 and 15 immediate next month at which the accrual. It will be, exceptions, through the payment in the account of the financial institution indicating whenever holder of the same.

Documentation that should bring is as follows:

  • Official application model.
  • Document of identification of the applicant, spouse and children who live or are responsible and contained in the application (only necessary display to verify the data):
  • Spanish and Spanish: National identity document (DNI) or passport.
  • Foreigners resident in Spain:
    • Nationals of the European Union: Certificate of registration of citizen of the European Union contains the NIE together with the passport or identity document in their country of origin.
    • Non-nationals of the European Union: Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero o Extranjera (TIE) en la que consta el NIE y el pasaporte.
  • Any bank document containing the account number that is holder and where you want to receive the benefit.
  • Family Book or certification of the Civil Registry of birth or family. In the case of foreigners, a document equivalent to those mentioned above, with an official translation into Spanish.
  • On the assumption that the managing body so requires, must present proof of income.

More information about the documentation to contribute


The deadline for submitting the application is of 15 working days from the fulfilment of the month of waiting. The month of expects counting starts from the day following the exhaustion of contributory benefit.

The right to grant is obtained from the day following that in the month of waiting, provided that request within the time. if the application is filed after the deadline mentioned, the right is obtained from the day following the application, reducing its duration in as many days as mediate between the date on which occurred entitlement, if requested in time and form and that actually had made the request.

The request may submit via:

  • The electronic site SEPE.
  • In the office of benefits (after obtaining in the previous appointment electronic site the SEPE or by phone).
  • In any public registry office.
  • By mail administrative.