Recruitment of persons with disabilities
  • Public and private companies that employ a fixed number of workers that exceeds 50 will be forced to employ a number of workers with disabilities not lower than 2%, salvo convenio colectivo o voluntad del empresario, siempre que se apliquen medidas alternativas.
  • The public administration shall reserve the 7% of the squares of invitations to disabled as established in the Royal Decreto-Legislativo 5/2015 of 30 October, which approves the consolidated text of the Basic status law of Public Employee and Law 30/1984 the Public function.


Article 43 of the Royal Legislative Decree1/2013, 29 November, which approves the consolidated text of the General law rights of persons with disabilities and their social inclusion.PDF:600 Kbps


  • Inability of public employment services to meet the job offer after brokering efforts needed.
  • Accreditation by the company issues of productive character, organizational, technical or economic hardship giving rise to incorporate disabled workers.


  • Realization of a commercial or civil contract with a Special Employment Center or with a self-employed worker with disabilities (for the supply of goods, or for the provision of third-party services).
  • Realization of donations and actions of sponsorship.
  • Constitution of work enclaves.

Royal Decree 364 / 2005 of 8 April, which governs alternative compliance with exceptional nature of the booking fee for disabled workers PDF: 83Kb
Request exceptionality statement and alternatives PDF: 80Kb