Publication of bids

The public employment service state, SEPE, offers the job portal Empléate for citizens and businesses, from which you can make a direct interaction, free, simple, and free between bidders (companies) and job seekers (citizenship). The portal Empléate offers, among others, the following possibilities to its users:

  • Learn tenders inappropriate: The user has the possibility to identify the content of a job offer published in the portal as inappropriate.
  • Knowing the offers in practice: Identifies within Empléate offers classified by the portals partners as offers in practice. It allows companies to discharged into Empléate publish offers in the portal with this type of contract. The user jobseeker easily accessible, using filters the offers finder portal, to offers classified in this way.
  • Social economy enterprises can register in Empléate indicating their status of company of social economy.
  • In Empléate incorporates all the job offers the portals collaborators.

Spanish companies:

If you are a Spanish company, accesses the Portal empléate and click ¡REGISTER NOW!

Foreign companies:

If you are a foreign company, looking for talent and you want to include a job offer on the portal of employment Empléate, follow these steps:

  1. Download and save before filling out the Form of data collection.
  2. Send the completed form to ofertas.internacionales@sepe.es
  3. The focus to the user (CAU) the public employment service English (SEPE), will contact you and you easy instructions to sign up in the job portal Empléate.
  4. At this point you should create a username and password.
  5. In the maximum48hours, the CAU you will send a message conversing activation of your username and your password.
  6. From now on your company may publish their job offers in employment portal Empléate at any time and monitor, by contacting workers and selecting those that correspond to the profile requested.

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