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Prospective Study of advanced services to companies in spain


The complex economic context in which they operate businesses requires more services to be able to compete in markets that are increasingly competitive and internationalized.

In this report deals with globally a sector with great presence in the business fabric and that it has been transformed in recent years, dramatically expanding its area of work, for the development of the productive sector. The labour market dynamics, changing the rules, the introduction of new technologies, are changes that have to adjust the companies, but not always have the resources to it, particularly the less size.

The study covers the activities listed economic "section M" of professional activities, scientific and technical, the National Classification of Economic Activities 2009 one of the best-positioned in the labour market by developments both in its membership, and was characterized by a high weight of the indefinite affiliation and self-employed, well above average in the set of activities.

Undertake this study, on the part of the observatory of occupations, is due to the need to identify the services are demanding and its relationship with the occupational profiles that they need, both new, such as modification of some of them. Also the training is to require from the business community in order to carry out these changes, in such a competitive market and variable, with new strategies for managing and incorporating innovation processes.


  • Objectives of the study.
  • Methodology.
  • Characterization.
  • Approximation to services Avazados companies.
  • Labour market.
  • Vision of advanced services to companies from the views expressed by several experts.
  • Training related to advanced services to companies.
  • Information of occupations.
  • Conclusions.
  • Sources and experts consulted.